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Creating and using Wridea

Creating and using Wridea

  1. Go to Wridea. http://wridea.com/External Link
    (Note: Wridea is not supported in Internet Explorer.)
  2. Select the sign up now button and complete the account registration form.
  3. Select Add new idea to enter each word or comment suggested by participants.
  4. Continue to add new ideas, or edit existing ones to include further comments.
  5. Start new pages for different topics if required. Go to the Ideaboard dropdown in the top navigation and select Create new page.
  6. You can also generate a random display of the ideas from the session.
    a. Go to Tools in the top navigation bar.
    b. Select Idea rain and then select the appropriate page from the drop-down box.
    c. Select Start idea rain.



This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

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