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Building trust


The Inspire section involves leading curriculum improvement by developing a shared vision, inspiring and creating commitment and embracing risks by supporting innovations of teachers. Staff will develop vision and values, knowledge and understanding and enhance their personal qualities, social and interpersonal skills.



Leaders and principals will undertake this activity as a self-reflection professional exercise.

  1. Read through the article Leadership management: 10 ways to build trust in your organisation
    www.leadershipmanagement.com.au/Newsletter/dec10/10-ways-to-build-trust.htmlExternal Link
  2. View Mark Sparvell and Ches Hargreaves discuss and reflect on change and building trust within school communities.
    a.    Building trust https://vimeo.com/54858157External Link
    b.    Curriculum change https://vimeo.com/54854051External Link
  3. Open the video transcripts.
    a.    Transcript: Building trust
    b.    Transcript: Curriculum change
  4. Copy and paste Ches Hargreaves' comments into Tagxedo www.tagxedo.comExternal Link
  5. Note the keywords from the discussions and consider your own leadership style.


This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

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