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Developing self and others


Curriculum improvement begins with clarity about your vision for learning and your vision for your school. This scenario involves leading improvement when new principals or leaders are undertaking this process for themselves for the first time and/or are new to the school or setting.
The purpose of this activity is to recognise that practices, capabilities and sense of capacity of leaders evolves as leaders move through their careers and encounter different contexts.



  1. View the Developing self and others presentation http://prezi.com/3zogsp_y1tku/developing-self-and-others/External Link
  2. In small groups, consider and discuss the questions posed throughout the presentation.
    a.    Nominate a scribe.
    b.    Nominate a speaker.
    c.    Navigate through the presentation stopping to review the questions and make notes.
  3. Bring the group back together.
  4. Ask the speaker nominated by each group to provide feedback to the other participants.


This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

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