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Finding a shared moral compass


Moral purpose and passion can renew and release energy. It is moral purpose and passion, and a shared vision for and understanding of quality teaching, rather than an external authority, which can arouse the emotional and intellectual engagement of staff. Professional communities are the key. Professional learning communities renew teachers intellectually by enhancing and increasing the ways they can learn together, informed by evidence about the impact of their efforts on student learning.
In this activity, staff will be engaged in a professional learning community online.



Before your group session, ask all participants to register for Palnet www.palnet.edu.auExternal Link the professional networking platform for principals and aspiring leaders, and to join the
LEAD|21C collaborative group www.palnet.edu.au/group/view.php?id=14External Link.
Assistance with this is available from palnet@pai.edu.au.

  1. View the video Emergent planning in education vimeo.com/54841391External Link
  2. On a whiteboard, or in groups using personal devices, go to the Supporting Curriculum Leaders Online page in the LEAD|21C group www.palnet.edu.au/view/view.php?id=2446External Link
  3. Ask participants to read the quotes on the page and spend a few moments reflecting on their own moral compass.
  4. Questions for consideration include:
    a.    What is the general direction that you believe needs to be taken by your school to improve the quality of learning for all your students?
    b.    How could implementation of the Australian Curriculum help get you there?
    c.    How will you talk to others about the Australian Curriculum? What is the moral imperative here?
  5. Discuss the issues that resonate most with your group. Think about how you might summarise your discussion to share with a wider group of education professionals via a discussion forum.
  6. Submit your discussion topic as a post on the Leading Improvement discussion forum in the
    LEAD|21C group  on Palnet www.palnet.edu.au/interaction/forum/view.php?id=167External Link.
  7. Schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss forum responses. What can you take away for your school?
  8. Additional questions could be explored in follow-up sessions or forum discussions.
    a.    Why do we, as teachers or leaders, do what we do each day?
    b.    What is the purpose of our work?


This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

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