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Principals respond


Curriculum improvement is supported when leaders develop and communicate a clear vision for learning. This scenario involves leading improvement when new principals or leaders are undertaking this process for themselves for the first time and/or are new to the school or setting.

The purpose of this activity is to support leaders in extending their repertoire of leadership practices while ensuring accountability for the development of children and young people.



  1. View the following videos.
    a. School improvement https://vimeo.com/54854054External Link
    b. A vision for curriculum change https://vimeo.com/54860073External Link
  2. Consider Daniel's response.
    a. Do your participants agree with Daniel's responses?
    b. How else could a good leader create a positive culture for school improvement?
  3. What comments or key words from Daniel resonate with your participants? 
  4. Open Wordle www.wordle.netExternal Link to capture the key words from the discussion with the participants.
  5. Consider how this information can be used to help plan and implement the Australian Curriculum.


This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

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