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The Melbourne Declaration


The implementation of the Australian Curriculum provides an opportunity to deliver on the outcomes for schooling expressed in the Melbourne Declaration on the Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA 2008). Using the resources and activities below, principals and curriculum leaders are able to embrace uncertain, complex and diverse contexts and work with others to seek creative and innovative solutions that support quality outcomes for all.

The objectives of this session are to raise awareness of the Melbourne Declaration, and how this has shaped the Australian Curriculum.



Before starting this activity, create a Google account https://accounts.google.comExternal Link following the Creating and using a Google account guide.

  1. Distribute paper copies of the Melbourne Declaration www.mceecdya.edu.au/mceecdya/melbourne_declaration,25979.htmlExternal Link and three coloured pens per group.
  2. Allow 10 minutes for reading time.
  3. Show the Melbourne Declaration presentation prezi.com/psejxcjgwmiv/melbourne-declarationExternal Link following the Melbourne Declaration: presentation notes (PDF, 558KB).
  4. Ask the group the following reflective question.
    At the end of a student's journey at our school, what are the knowledge, skills and qualities we desire our students to demonstrate?
  5. Collect participant responses by using Google Drawing.
    a. Log in to your Google account.
    b. Select the Drive tab to begin a new document.
    c. Select the Create button and choose Drawing.
    d. Use the text icon to type in the responses from the audience.
  6. Using the distributed copies of the Melbourne Declaration, ask groups to highlight how the collected school graduate outcomes match the Melbourne Declaration goals. For example, highlight the Melbourne Declaration statements that are currently being addressed in your school in green, the goals your school is addressing but could do better in yellow, and the goals you need to start developing in red.
  7. Aggregate all the red, yellow and green items. Use any of the variances as discussion starters.
  8. Suggest that the red items are things you will need to consider with the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. As an additional activity schools could create an improvement activity plan for the yellow and red flagged goals and monitor progress.


This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

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