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Values and curriculum leadership


The Inspire section of this website involves leading staff improvement by developing a shared vision, inspiring and creating commitment, and embracing risks, by supporting innovations of teachers. Staff develop vision and values, knowledge and understanding, and enhance their personal qualities, social and interpersonal skills.
This activity will engage staff with the General Capabilities, within the Australian Curriculum. They will consider the resources available on the Values Education website.



  1. Start the session with the Values Education presentation on Prezi prezi.com/whyuua2wtgid/values-educationExternal Link. Use the Values Education presentation notes (PDF, 483KB) to support your presentation to the group.
  2. After viewing the presentation, discuss how 'values-led' leadership and moral purpose look in the day-to-day running of the school. Consider narrowing the focus to any of the following:
    a.    teaching
    b.    curriculum
    c.    assessment
    d.    teachers talking to each other
    e.    talking with students
    f.     talking with parents.
  3. Ask participants to explore the Values Education for Australian schooling website. www.valueseducation.edu.au/valuesExternal Link
    Presenters note: You will not need an access code to access the resources part of this site. However if you would like to view more information than what is publicly available, a code can be obtained by emailing valuesresources@curriculum.edu.au.
  4. Ask participants to review the resources available in the Values Education for Australian schooling website and store their favourite lesson plans using the bookmarking site Delicious www.delicious.comExternal Link

    As an additional activity, schools could explore the Professional learning program within the
    Values Education website http://www.valueseducation.edu.au/values/val_professional_learning,8759.htmlExternal Link


This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

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