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What is personalised learning?


The implementation of the Australian Curriculum provides an opportunity to deliver on the outcomes for schooling expressed in the Melbourne Declaration on the Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA 2008). Using the resources and activities below, principals and curriculum leaders are able to embrace uncertain, complex and diverse contexts and work with others to seek creative and innovative solutions that support quality outcomes for all.

These resources and activities will encourage participants to reflect on their current practices and make plans for the future with regard to personalised learning.



Before your group session, ask all participants to register for Palnet www.palnet.edu.auExternal Link the professional networking platform for principals and aspiring leaders, and to join the LEAD|21C collaborative group www.palnet.edu.au/group/view.php?id=14External Link. Refer to the Palnet registration process guide (PDF, 211KB). Assistance with registration is available from palnet@pai.edu.au

  1. Ask your group to consider the conditions for learning and how these might vary between students within your school. Your learners have diverse needs, and bring with them their own knowledge and circumstances. How do you accommodate this within your school? How do you deliver the Australian Curriculum and meet the diverse needs of your school community?
  2. Read Leading personalised learning in schools. www.jackiedearden.co.uk/pdf/leading-personalised-learning-in-schools.pdfExternal Link (PDF, 472KB)
  3. View the following videos.
    a.    Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! www.ted.com/talks/sir_ken_robinson_bring_on_the_revolution.htmlExternal Link
    b.    Technology for personalised learning www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PhBTPlCmd5E#t=0sExternal Link
  4. In small groups undertake a Think pair share activity (PDF, 150KB).
    a.    Think of three individual students in different parts of the school.
    b.    What do we currently do well for each of them in relation to personalising their learning?
    c.    Share your thoughts with another person.
    d.    Participate in a whole group discussion on this topic.
  5. Login to Palnet.
  6. Go to the 2013 Lead|21C Leading Improvement forum.
    a.    Select the LEAD|21C group in the Top Groups list.
    b.    Select the Forums tab within the group.
    c.    Select the 2013 Lead|21C Leading Improvement forum.
  7. Respond to the questions posed in the Leading personalised learning forum topic www.palnet.edu.au/interaction/forum/topic.php?id=337External Link


This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

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